Virgo – The Virgin? Origin of Zodiac Symbols

Vic DiCara's Astrology

People have it backwards, completely backwards, when they think that the visual symbolism of the zodiac signs created the meanings ascribed to those signs. Lets be real, the zodiac signs are just dots. You could as easily make the three dots of Aries into a snake as you could make them into a ram. You could as easily connect the virgo dots to draw a picture of a giraffe as you could to create the picture of a virgin carrying wheat and fire.

The real fact is that the ancient seers connected the dots in the ways that they did simply as a mnemonic tool to help people understand the nature of the energies that existed within that area of the stars. Virgo, for example, is the root of the word “virgin.” Whatever you think of the word, the original meaning is “unmarried.”

Virgo, means “unmarried woman.”

Why this symbolism…

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