Why & How to Set Intentions With Your Jewelry

Altared Intentions

Have you ever set an intention with a crystal or charmed an object to provide you protection, strength, or something else you needed more of? Have you ever thought about doing this with the accessories you wear every day? I don’t mean just jewelry but anything: keychains, headbands, hair ties, shoelaces, socks, underwear, bobby pins, beauty products (makeup, facial mists, etc.), purses and wallets, you get the picture.

You can set an intention with literally anything to assist you in reaching your highest goals – even if it’s a simple confidence charm on your right high heel before you head into that job interview. It seems insane but I’m telling you, it works. And it can seriously help you have a badass day, every day.

(5-Piece Crystal Chakra Healing Point Necklaces – $19.99 from Amazon)

If you’re still a witch in the broom closet and haven’t told your friends and…

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Weekend Project: DIY Flower Headband Crown

Building The Magic

Welcome back to another tutorial!  Today, we’re going to make easy DIY Flower Headbands, or crowns. These are a fun way to add a little magic to your everyday life as well as any costumes that might need a special accessory.

Warning!  While making these I have found that just using tacky or school glue just doesn’t cut it, so I used hot glue.  If you are doing this with children, PLEASE SUPERVISE!  We do not want your children to get burned!

So, to start, here are a couple of pictures of all the stuff you might need.  I took one before I started, and one after.  In the before, you can see the pile of flowers and leaves I had.


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Virgo – The Virgin? Origin of Zodiac Symbols

Vic DiCara's Astrology

People have it backwards, completely backwards, when they think that the visual symbolism of the zodiac signs created the meanings ascribed to those signs. Lets be real, the zodiac signs are just dots. You could as easily make the three dots of Aries into a snake as you could make them into a ram. You could as easily connect the virgo dots to draw a picture of a giraffe as you could to create the picture of a virgin carrying wheat and fire.

The real fact is that the ancient seers connected the dots in the ways that they did simply as a mnemonic tool to help people understand the nature of the energies that existed within that area of the stars. Virgo, for example, is the root of the word “virgin.” Whatever you think of the word, the original meaning is “unmarried.”

Virgo, means “unmarried woman.”

Why this symbolism…

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Maybe it’s a good/bad idea to watch these two documentaries in a row (about Tech and Education)

From experience to meaning...

The past week my wife and I watched both The Inventor and the Netflix documentary about the Fyre Festival. This was both a great idea and a bad one.

First the trailers, so you know what I’m talking about.

The Inventor tells the true story behind the ‘Edison’, Theranos the company who made this machine and Elisabeth Holmes, the CEO behind the company.

The Fyre Festival documentary tells the less life threatening story of a failed festival for the Instagram generation.

What do both stories have in common? A charismatic leader with a seemingly great idea that turned out wrong. Both stories are also depicting a web of lies and most of all: a lot of people who still believed in it until the truth was impossible to deny and a lot of people who lost a lot of money and more. I feel really bad for the poor people…

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