Maybe it’s a good/bad idea to watch these two documentaries in a row (about Tech and Education)

From experience to meaning...

The past week my wife and I watched both The Inventor and the Netflix documentary about the Fyre Festival. This was both a great idea and a bad one.

First the trailers, so you know what I’m talking about.

The Inventor tells the true story behind the ‘Edison’, Theranos the company who made this machine and Elisabeth Holmes, the CEO behind the company.

The Fyre Festival documentary tells the less life threatening story of a failed festival for the Instagram generation.

What do both stories have in common? A charismatic leader with a seemingly great idea that turned out wrong. Both stories are also depicting a web of lies and most of all: a lot of people who still believed in it until the truth was impossible to deny and a lot of people who lost a lot of money and more. I feel really bad for the poor people…

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Author: Waking Mystic

Believe it and you will find the Magick is real and lies within YOU. All is mind. YOU are a creator. We are all magickal beings with true potential and powers that have been hidden for as long as man has existed. Magick is not about broomsticks and cauldrons. It's thoughts (All is mind). It's energy (YOU are a creator).

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